Things people say to dog trainers

Sometimes it seems like a great idea to become a professional dog trainer, but then... Hilarious video by Tenille Williams of Dog Matters. PS. There is also a sequel                    


A light bulb moment on reactivity

  A recent post by Denise Fenzi, "Counterconditioning, Distraction food or distraction training?", has prompted a light bulb moment in regards to my reactive dog, and why years of counterconditioning (or what I thought was counterconditioning) hasn't changed my dog's emotional response to stranger dogs very much, if at all. Quote from the post: "And... Continue Reading →

Dear dog harness manufacturers. When you sell harnesses online, please ALWAYS show them on real dogs

I confess: I'm a harness connoisseur. I like to peruse harness brands and models, and if I was as rich as Scrooge McDuck, I'd probably dive into a sea of quality dog harnesses in the mornings, instead of piles of cash. The problem is that the run-of-the-mill harnesses available in pet stores are typically not... Continue Reading →

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