This blog is my online platform to stand on while I explore what dogs are.

The name Canine Saga refers to the long, patchy, somewhat guessed story of the co-evolution of humans and canines – an intricate web of many threads, intersections and open ends, rather than one storyline with a single plot. It is the big underlying backstory to all dog stories.

Canine Saga also means my personal journey with dogs, that goes 40+ years back but has only in recent years emerged as a key theme. My current dogs have presented me with all sorts of behaviour phenomena I didn’t know existed before I lived with them – like dog-reactivity and different sorts of anxiety and behaviour challenges – and they’ve expanded my horizon massively, spurring me to learn more about dog behaviour and training than I knew there was to know.

The header photo is done by @rrinna on Pexels, who has made it freely available

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