A curious and compassionate blog in support of canine friends all over the world, and a base for engaging in online conversations about caninity (the canine equivalent to humanity).

I’m Anna.  I am passionate about dogs, and like to learn about what they do, and speculate on how they may perceive the world. I’m especially hungry for understanding more about:

  • Canine cognition and behaviour
  • Respectful, effective animal training techniques
  • Doggie welfare – hereunder the pet dog population’s genetic health
  • Working and sporting dogs
  • Street dogs around the world
  • Wild canines – Wolves and coyotes in Eurasia and America, dingoes in Australia
  • The ancient (still largely unknown) history of human-dog co-evolution

I may sometimes write something here, or I may use it solely to share & store info produced by others, and as my online ID for doggie conversations. Time will tell. This is not an ambitious project, just a virtual platform to stand on while exploring Dog.




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